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Friday, November 30, 2007

Zombie Roaches and Southern Baptists

Researchers, in an article in Nature, announce they've discovered the process by which a wasp in Africa/India/etc stuns, then 'zombifies' a cockroach, turning it into a willing sucker that can be lead back to the nest to feed to its larvae.

Apparently the wasp has a secondary sting that contains a compound that blocks the neurotransmitter roaches use to initiate complex (for them) decision-making. Leaving them willing drones to be lead around by the antennae.

Seriously, how long until this compound (or a human analogue) is patented for use in humans and put into the grape juice at snake handling churches?

Source: Nature

Man Loves, God Kills

Just a short post to note, via CNN, that a Superior Court judge in Washington, in AMERICA, allowed a 14 year old to be convinced to kill himself because his crazy religion demanded he die rather than receive a blood transfusion.

The judge had the laughably poor taste to say the boy wasn't 'coerced' by his guardians into doing this.


Damn these people all to hell.


Back from Abroad (Land of Cheese)

Ok, so abroad might be stretching it. We, the roommate and I, only went to Madison, Wisconsin.

Cue MST3K: Go Packers!

I'll have to make a longer post about it eventually, it's a remarkable place.

For now, there are other matters to attend to. Mwahahahahaha.

Grandpa Gravel is Awesome

Gravel's been mellowing out with Shrooms, it appears.

Good for him. He's been letting this politics business angry up the blood.